Forex Affiliate Partnership

Did you know that the online trading arena is growing at a rate of knots? Every day, scores of traders are registering to trade currencies, commodities, indices and equities. The benefits of online trading are immense, and this is your opportunity to capitalize on this golden opportunity.

Our Forex affiliate partnership network comprises 25,000+ partners around the world. At last count, we had partners in over 150 countries, and South Africa is chief among them.

There are multiple benefits to partnering with AVATrade, and they apply to you and the customers you send to us. Check out the advantages of a Forex affiliate partnership with us:
  • We speak to you in your language – multilingual platforms with an experienced support team ideally suited to retention and sales generation
  • Trust and integrity are paramount with us – we don’t leave anything to chance
  • We will show you how to drive traffic and convert clients into real traders with dynamic marketing strategies
  • Earn top dollar for your customers, with things like revenue share, hybrid deals, flexible commissions and the like
  • We are with you from inception throughout with personal account managers at your beck and call
  • Introducing Brokers (IBs) and top-tier partners will enjoy personalized solutions – that’s our way of saying thank you for your patronage

We’d love for you to get started as one of our Forex affiliate partners. To join our family and meet other SA affiliates, simply click on the program which is best suited to your activity:


- Introducing Brokers (IBs)

Money Managers

- White Labels

- Marketing Partners