Trade South Africa’s Favourite Export: Gold Bullion

gold trading

Trade South Africa’s Favourite Export: Gold Bullion

SA traders know a thing or two about gold. That’s because our country sits on some of the largest reserves of gold in the world. At, you can easily and seamlessly trade gold and other precious metals like silver and platinum. With a fully regulated online brokerage, you can enjoy many exciting benefits including:

  • Competitive spreads on all precious metals
  • Multiple platforms: MT4 (MetaTrader 4 and AvaTrader)
  • Trade with leverage up to 200:1 and enjoy bigger trades
  • Go long or short on gold and other precious metals – it’s your call
  • Use the mobile trading apps to trade gold and platinum on the go
  • Enjoy customised support in English and Afrikaans 24/5 at

You can start trading gold, platinum, silver and other metals instantly with a huge welcome bonus package valued up to R130,000 ($10,000).

Tips for Trading Gold at

For a small deposit of just R1,300 ($100), you can join AvaTrade. In no time at all you will be trading gold, platinum, silver and other metals. All SA traders qualify for a generous sign up bonus valued up to R130,000 ($10,000), based on your initial deposit. Plus, you will get to access a wide range of benefits that are exclusive to South African clients.

We are committed to providing you with excellence in service, functionality and trade execution. Our dynamic trading platforms are customisable and intuitive. You can enjoy things like automated trading which is geared towards your individual trading style. Now, you can trade gold and platinum, oil and other commodities on the same screen as your currency trades. With, you can buy or sell from live charts. You can also set limits and stops to preserve the integrity of your capital.

Our award-winning customer support team is here to assist you whenever markets are open for business. And since we offer 15 languages, you are guaranteed of service excellence every time.

Trading Opportunities with Other Metals

Yebo, yes – you can trade other metals at!

You will notice that there is less volatility in these markets since they are less liquid. By contrast, gold trading is more volatile. For these other metals, trading hours are significantly shorter, but there is more stability in prices. Gold remains the go-to option with geopolitical uncertainty and high volatility in equities markets. These metals are generally stable year round.

Gold and Forex Trading at AvaTrade

If you know how to trade currency pairs, it is a breeze trading gold at AvaTrade. Gold is measured in troy ounces against a currency, typically the USD. Much the same is true with currency pairs such as the USD/ZAR, GBP/USD or EUR/USD.

What Influences Gold Prices?

Multiple factors affect the price of gold. These include the strength of the USD, interest rates, supply of gold, demand for gold and geopolitical uncertainty. Simply put, the stronger the dollar relative to other currencies, the less foreign buyers of gold can buy. The converse also holds true.

  • Supply - If the supply of gold declines, the price will increase if demand remains steady. Supply can be disrupted by strikes, natural disasters, political instability and the like.
  • Demand - Demand for gold comes in many forms including store of value, jewellery, industrial usage and government purchases. India, China, Russia and the US are major buyers of gold.
  • Market Volatility - Whenever geopolitical uncertainty hits, demand for gold spikes. When equities markets tumble, the USD weakens, or interest-rates decrease, demand for gold increases.

Sign up with AvaTrade South Africa and receive up-to-date reports live from the market. We provide you with streaming news on gold trading. Plus, you get a full analysis of all price movements in other metals as well.

Start trading gold with a healthy welcome bonus package valued at up to R130,000 ($10,000) at AvaTrade.