Your Quick Guide to Oil Trading

oil trading

Your Quick Guide to Oil Trading

At AvaTrade South Africa, you can easily trade oil and other energy products online. Our highly advanced trading platforms offer you competitive spreads, high leverage, a comprehensive set of educational materials, news and market analysis.

Our brand leads the way in CFD trading and forex trading, and we are proud to offer you these advantages:

  • Energy commodities from petrol to crude oil
  • We offer SA traders 100:1 leverage on trades
  • Enjoy multilingual customer support during trading hours
  • Trade on the award-winning MT4 or AvaTrader Platforms
  • Mirror Trading auto-trading makes it easy to copy experienced traders
  • Download the apps for trading on Android and iOS-compatible devices

Trade oil and other commodities online at AvaTrade. Simply register a new account and claim your welcome bonus of up to R130,000 ($10,000).

Trade Oil and Energy Contracts for Difference (CFDs)

Commodity CFDs offer SA traders many advantages. When you trade at AvaTrade, you have tremendous flexibility. Contracts for difference make it easy to trade energy products and crude oil at live market rates. You don’t need to worry about associated fees in the oil futures market – there are none.

With oil and energy CFDs, you can buy and/or sell short with no restrictions and no fees. Now you can use strategy and analysis to determine which way the market is moving. We offer you expert insights into the oil markets, and you can make your decisions accordingly.

We Offer These Energy and Oil CFDs:

  • Petrol (Gasoline)
  • Heating Oil
  • Natural Gas
  • Brent Crude Oil
  • Crude Oil

What Drives the Oil Market?

Volatility in oil markets is driven by multiple factors. These include supply-side factors by OPEC and WTI crude oil producers. Inventory levels in the US, global oil demand, and other factors are critical in determining prices in the oil market. When supply increases, the price decreases. When demand increases and supply remains constant, prices rise.

Oil is driven by geopolitical uncertainty, particularly in the Middle East. When production is hampered, major disruptions to oil supply take place. Since most of the world’s oil is located in volatile regions, political uncertainty affects oil prices. This leads to widespread speculation which is the overriding driver of oil trading.

AvaTrade welcomes you to the bustling world of online oil trading. We will provide you with a rich selection of resources including market updates, in-depth analysis, news reports and an economic calendar. These will help you to make informed trading decisions about which way oil and energy markets are moving.

Get ready to start trading energy commodities and oil at AvaTrade SA with a welcome bonus package up to R130,000 ($10,000).