Become a Forex Warrior with the ZuluTrade Platform


Become a Forex Warrior with the ZuluTrade Platform

AvaTrade South Africa is proud to present ZuluTrade. Sawubona! Unjani, and welcome to the automated social trading platform designed expressly for SA currency traders. Built by winners, this social trading platform nurtures the Ubuntu mentality and delivers a powerful, and unbeatable social trading platform. Now, you can spend less time learning how to trade and more time making winning trading decisions.

Get ready to access thousands of world-class signal providers. And thanks to the ZuluTrade peer-to-peer trading system, you have automatic trade execution in your South African AvaTrade account.

  • Use the ZuluTrade setup wizard to easily build a forex portfolio.
  • Lock in automated trading signals for 50+ forex pairs including the USD/ZAR, and GBP/ZAR.
  • View genuine SA reviews of signal providers and access live performance feeds.
  • Enjoy the security of the ZuluTrade platform with complete risk management and control features.

Don’t delay! Unlock the automated FX trading features at AvaTrade SA with your ZuluTrade Account. Plus, you are eligible for a new client bonus valued up to R130,000 ($10,000)!

The ZuluTrade Guide to Selecting the Best Signals

Keep it simple – that’s at the heart of the ZuluTrade platform. The live performance tables are easy to access, and you can quickly pick the signal provider that’s best for you. With AvaTrade, comparing profitable providers is a snap. You can read in-depth user reviews, check out trade statistics, highlight your preferred currencies, or compare profitable FX providers.

How ZuluTrade Works with AvaTrade

The Zulu warriors were an especially fearsome fighting force, and that same winning mentality has gone into creating the ZuluTrade platform. When you subscribe to ZuluTrade, you will be able to access third-party signal providers and automatically execute your preferred trade signals. This is done automatically and completed in your AvaTrade account.

As soon as you have registered an account, and deposited ZAR (South African Rands), you can quickly choose your preferred signal providers. With ZuluTrade, your risk profile and your bankroll preferences will be taken into account. ZuluTrade will automatically suggest signal providers for you.

It’s lekker that you can easily add/remove signal providers with ZuluTrade. This can be done by using all the available resources such as filters, comparison tools, reviews and so forth. SA traders will enjoy automatic processing on the ZuluTrade servers. Trades will then be executed directly in your AvaTrade account.

The best part is that there is no need for any human intervention in the trade. ZuluTrade security is so tight, that there are no weak links between traders and yourself, and your account. Your privacy is guaranteed.

ZuluTrade is compatible with USD, GBP, EUR and AUD accounts.

Protecting Your ZuluTrade Account

You control the risk level of your ZuluTrade account with many powerful tools provided to you.

One of them is the Risk Meter Bar – that’s how you set your risk preference – for your financial portfolio. There are even risk management settings available for individual signal providers. Your financial portfolio is protected by a ‘Warrior Shield’ known as ZuluGuard.

This tool is your best protection as it monitors signal providers and identifies any wild changes in your trading strategy.

Improve Your Trading Strategy with AvaTrader’s ZuluTrade and Simplify the Way You Trade!

Current SA AvaTrade Clients

If you are an existing real-money account, it is easy for you to add ZuluTrade to your account. Simply click on the following button – Open Real Account. When you are asked whether you have an AvaTrade account, click on yes. Next, enter your account number and get ready for the ZuluTrade social trading platform.

Is ZuluTrade Available for Mobile Traders?

Zulu warriors are always on the go, and here at AvaTrade SA we respect that. Now, you can download and install the ZuluTrade App for Android, iOS and Microsoft-powered devices. Wherever you are in South Africa – the Karoo, the Kalahari or KwaZulu Natal – you’re always connected to the markets with ZuluTrade.

This powerful mobile trading platform will allow you to open/close positions and practice all of the tactics and strategies you want. The desktop widget is equally powerful and it allows you to receive live market updates, scope out your account, and interact with fellow traders. AvaTrade’s ZuluTrade application runs around the clock, and you can trade with confidence at the click of a button. Download the App to get started!


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