Trade Agricultural Commodities

trading agricultural commodities

Trading Agricultural

The trade in agricultural commodities dates back thousands of years, making it the oldest financial market in the world. But with prices intimately tied into weather patterns, supply and demand, and a wealth of other factors, there are always new opportunities for traders. Over the last 63 years the average returns on the agricultural commodities market have been significantly higher than the global inflation rate. A consideration when deciding on what contracts to trade on.

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Agricultural Commodities Trading with AvaTrade

Diversify your portfolio and discover the profit potential of the volatile agricultural commodities market with AvaTrade.

We offer a range of soft commodity futures to trade, including corn, soybeans, sugar, coffee and wheat – all with low spreads and generous leverage.

  • Trade the major soft commodities with leverage of up to
  • MetaTrader 4 – desktop, tablet and mobile
  • Trade with a globally regulated forex & CFD broker
  • Multilingual customer care – 24 hours/5 days a week

Why Trade Agricultural Commodities

  1. Leverage – traders can leverage your trades for a fraction of the actual value of the contract as contracts are traded on margins
  2. Liquidity – Offering high liquidity, it’s just as easy to sell or buy futures as traders can easily liquidate their positions whenever required
  3. Total Transparency – The trading platform shows transparent actual market prices
  4. Broad Market Coverage – AvaTrade offers an array of agricultural commodities allowing you to apply your trading skills and insights to the most relevant asset and market.

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Agricultural Commodities to trade

AvaTrade offers a range of agricultural commodity futures to trade year round on our CFD trading platforms, MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5 and AvaTrader.

  • Corn CFD trading – Represents one of the most important agricultural markets due to its diverse range of end uses. Units are measured in bushels.
  • Soybeans CFD trading  – A market that has increased in importance in recent years as dietary trends have evolved. Units are measured in bushels.
  • Wheat CFD trading – This key agricultural market is dominated by the United States. Units are measured in bushels.
  • Coffee CFD trading – Originating in Africa, coffee is traded in cents per pound. Units are measured in pounds (100).
  • Sugar CFD trading – One of the most traded soft commodities, sugar is traded in cents per pound (100).
  • Cotton CFD trading – A crop whose history is tied to the American south, cotton is traded in cents per pound (100).
  • Cocoa CFD trading – Grown in only a few countries. Units are measured in metric tons.

Agricultural Commodities Trading Exchanges

Agricultural commodities trading is classified as the world’s largest traded commodity class and traded on national and international commodity exchanges. All commodities, including soft commodities (coffee, sugar or cocoa) are being traded on these exchanges:

Corn, Soybeans, Wheat – Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT)
Coffee C, Sugar no. 11, Cotton no. 2, Cocoa – Intercontinental Exchange (ICE)

Check out the latest prices and relevant trading information for all of our agricultural commodities in our Financial Instruments Index.
You can find out more about how AvaTrade calculates overnight interest and agricultural commodity CFD rollovers here.

Trading Hard Commodities with AvaTrade

For traders who are also interested in so-called hard commodities, please make sure to read about trading gold and metals as well as crude oil trading and energies trading.

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