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AvaTrade offers a wide range of Stocks CFDs and provides you with their scheduled earnings releases. Below you will find the most successful companies in the world, arranged by alphabetical order. Or, you can choose to view the list by release date here.
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**Dates subject to change. Please check specific company website for official date.

Earnings Releases FAQ

  • Where can I find earnings reports?

    You can look up the earnings release dates for hundreds of global companies right here on our earnings reports page. Once you know the release date you can usually check the individual company’s website for the earnings report. However, the most complete database of earnings reports for U.S. companies will be found on the Securities and Exchange Commission website at SEC.gov. There they host the EDGAR database, which has every quarterly and annual earnings report for every publicly traded company in the U.S.

  • What time do earnings reports come out?

    This can vary from company to company, but in general earnings reports will be released 30-60 minutes before the markets open for the trading session, or up to 60 minutes after the markets close. To find out when a specific company is slated to release their earnings report the best source is to check the company’s investor relations page on their website. This is usually the most updated and accurate information available regarding an upcoming earnings release. If there is nothing posted on the investor relations page, or if the company doesn’t have one, you can search major financial portals online and see what they have to say, but understand that they may have outdated or inaccurate information.

  • When is earnings season?

    Earnings season typically occurs in the month immediately after the calendar quarter ends. Specifically, that is January, April, July, and October. Each earnings season has historically kicked off with the earnings report from Alcoa, however more recently investors have considered the week that most of the big U.S. banks report as the beginning of earnings season. There is no official ending to earnings season, but in general it lasts for six weeks, or until most companies have reported their earnings and the number of daily releases returns to pre-earnings season levels of just a handful a day.

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